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Deming's 14 Point Principles: A Management Action OR a set of Quality Tools and Techniques?

Tue, 20 Oct 2015

This is an era where Quality is every customer's basic expectation. The organizations that do not provide Quality products or services perish overnight. The market is highly volatile and changing every minute. 

30 years ago, the situation was different. Demand was high and supply was low; the faster the organization could produce the product, the faster it could make money. Speed of production was given more priority. Customer's had to buy what the organizations produced. Despite customer complaints, organizations thrived due to mass production methods. Quality existed only in the form of slogans. Quality tools and techniques were used sparsely. There was a need for Management Action.
In 1986, the Quality Guru, Dr. Edwards Deming published his book "Out of Crisis". This book was considered a cornerstone in the history of Quality Revolution. This book did not portray Quality as a set of slogans. It focused on practical applications of Quality. "Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)" was introduced in this book for the first time by Dr. Deming. Quality tools and techniques existed, however, management was not ready for action. Deming profoundly discussed his 14 Point Principles that demanded Management Action in this book. These 14 point principles of Deming later became the base of Total Quality Management (TQM).
Today, I am sharing a FREE video on Deming's 14 Point Principles. I am going to show you precisely those 14 point principles of Dr. Deming that became the precursor to Total Quality Management (TQM) in the following era. 
Dr. Deming's 14 Point Principles 
This video of 2:55 minutes is designed to seek an understanding of the need for management action in every organization. Today's quality theories and principles are based on these 14 points described by Dr. Deming. 

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