Lean Masterclass (Part 2): Become a Certified Lean Expert – Body of Knowledge

Lean Masterclass: Part 2 (Become a Certified Lean Expert)

1.0 Understanding Continuous Process Flow

1.1 What is Continuous Process Flow?
1.2 Difference between Traditional Mass Production and Continuous Flow
1.3 Benefits of Creating Continuous Flow

2.0 Understanding Takt Time

2.1 What is Takt Time?
2.2 Formula to calculate Takt Time

3.0 Understanding Pull System

3.1 What is Pull System?
3.2 Examples of using Pull System

4.0 Understanding Kanban

4.1 What is Kanban?
4.2 Examples of Kanban in everyday life
4.3 How do you implement Kanban in your organization?

5.0 Understanding Heijunka

5.1 What is Heijunka?
5.2 The role of Muda, Muri and Mura in implementing Heijunka
5.3 How can you implement Heijunka in your organization?
5.4 Heijunka in Service Operations

6.0 Understanding Standard Work

6.1 What is Standard Work?
6.2 Is Standard Work the basis of all improvements?
6.3 Key points to remember before implementing Standard Work

7.0 Understanding Visual Control

7.1 What is Visual Control?
7.2 Steps to implement Visual Control

8.0 Understanding 5 Why Analysis

8.1 What is 5 Why Analysis?
8.2 Real-life Examples of 5 Why Analysis
8.3 Steps to conduct the 5 Why Analysis


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