Minitab Masterclass: Part 1 (Master Top 10 Graphical Tools) – Body of Knowledge

Minitab Masterclass: Part 1 (Master Top 10 Graphical Tools)

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Minitab Overview
1.2 Steps to download Minitab

2.0 Understanding Display Descriptive Statistics

2.1 What is Display Descriptive Statistics?
2.2 How to perform Display Descriptive Statistics on Minitab

3.0 Understanding Graphical Summary

3.1 What is a Graphical Summary?
3.2 Difference between Display Descriptive Statistics and Graphical Summary
3.3 How to perform Graphical Summary on Minitab?

4.0 Understanding Run Chart

4.1 Difference between Common cause and Special Cause Variation
4.2 What is the Run Chart?
4.3 How to create a Run Chart on Minitab?

5.0 Understanding Bar Chart

5.1 What is a Bar Chart?
5.2 How to create a Bar Chart on Minitab?

6.0 Understanding Pie Chart

6.1 What is a Pie Chart?
6.2 How to create a Pie Chart on Minitab?

7.0 Understanding Pareto Chart

7.1 What is a Pareto Chart?
7.2 How to create a Pareto Chart on Minitab?

8.0 Understanding Cause-and-Effect Diagram

8.1 What is a Cause-and-Effect Diagram?
8.2 How to create a Cause-and-Effect Diagram on Minitab?

9.0 Understanding Scatter Plot

9.1 What is a Scatter Plot?
9.2 How to create a Scatter Plot on Minitab?

10.0 Understanding Histogram

10.1 What is a Histogram?
10.2 How to create a Histogram on Minitab?

11.0 Understanding Box Plot

11.1 What is a Box Plot?
11.2 How to create a Box Plot on Minitab?


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