Minitab Masterclass: Part 03 (Master Top 7 Hypothesis Tests) – Body of Knowledge

Minitab Masterclass: Part 03 (Master Top 7 Hypothesis Tests)

1.0 Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

1.1 What is Hypothesis Testing?
1.2 Steps involved in Hypothesis Testing
1.3 What are the different Hypothesis Tests?
1.4 How do you write the Null and Alternative Hypothesis?
1.5 What is a p-value?
1.6 Confidence level
1.7 Significance level
1.8 Interpret Results

2.0 Understanding 1-Sample t test

2.1 What is a 1-Sample t test?
2.2 1-Sample t test on Minitab

3.0 Understanding 2-Sample t test

3.1 What is a 2-Sample t test?
3.2 2-Sample t test on Minitab

4.0 Understanding Paired t test

4.1 What is a Paired t test?
4.2 Paired t test on Minitab

5.0 Understanding One-Way ANOVA

5.1 What is One-Way ANOVA?
5.2 One-Way ANOVA on Minitab

6.0 Understanding 1-Sample Sign test

6.1 What is a 1-Sample Sign test?
6.2 1-Sample Sign test on Minitab

7.0 Understanding Mann-Whitney test

7.1 What is Mann-Whitney test?
7.2 Mann-Whitney test on Minitab

8.0 Understanding Mood's Median test

8.1 What is Mood’s Median test?

8.2 Mood’s Median test on Minitab

9.0 Parametric vs. Non-Parametric Tests

9.1 Side-by-Side Comparison of Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests


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