AIGPE Certification Exam Failed

Failed Exam_AIGPE

Missed out to pass the Certification Exam?

It’s unfortunate that you have not scored the minimum required threshold for passing the exam. However, please don’t lose heart. Read the below guidelines and also read the points to ensure you do NOT miss any future communication  coming from AIGPE:

If this is your first attempt of appearing for the Certification Exam?

  • You can apply for the second attempt of the Certification Exam after 1 week from today
  • Please do NOT reappear for the certification exam during this cooling period of one-week
  • After verifying your exam form, you will receive a communication from AIGPE with the detailed break out of your exam score by section
  • You may also receive additional email(s) on tips and tricks to pass the second attempt of the exam during this period of one week
  • This will help you prepare well for the second attempt

If this is your second FREE attempt of appearing for the Certification Exam?

  • You have exhausted all the FREE attempts of appearing for the Certification Exam
  • If you wish to apply for another attempt, you are requested to reach
  • Our team will respond with details on the exam fee, the payment mode, and the date when you can re-appear for the next attempt

How to ensure you do NOT miss any communication email coming from AIGPE?

In most scenarios, you will receive the emails sent by AIGPE directly in your inbox. However, a few students have shared that they do NOT receive emails from AIGPE. In these situations, it is identified that our emails land in their Junk, Spam, Social, or Promotions folders. To ensure that you receive all the emails sent by AIGPE, I humble request you to enable appropriate settings to allow emails from AIGPE to come straight to your inbox. I am sharing the steps for the most common email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook). Open the attachment based on your email provider name and follow the steps:

Once you complete these steps, you ensure that any communication from AIGPE is delivered straight to your inbox and you do not miss on any updates.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop an email to: