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Certified Pareto Analysis Specialist (Accredited)

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Who is this for?

  • Professionals with a work experience of 0 to 5+ years
  • Entry-level staff, Team Leaders, Assistant Managers, and Managers looking to create Pareto Analysis for their business process
  • Project Managers, Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile Project Leaders
  • Professionals working in any location worldwide
  • Consulting Organizations and Independent Consultants who extensively work on projects with their clients
  • Freelancer Project Managers and Process Improvement Experts who wish to add the Pareto Analysis Specialist Credential to their Freelance portfolio

The Role of a Pareto Analysis Specialist

The AIGPE™ Certified Pareto Analysis Specialist demonstrates complete expertise in using the Pareto Analysis for any relevant business problem as defined by the AIGPE™ Pareto Analysis Specialist Body of Knowledge. The Specialist has a detailed understanding of using the 80:20 rule and applying it. A Pareto Analysis can be implemented in specific situations, and the Specialist knows exactly when to apply this analysis.

Course Details

The AIGPE Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification Course consists of:

  1. Course Duration: 1 hours On-Demand Video
  2. Number of Lectures: 17
  3. Activities: Yes
  4. Downloadable Resources: 24
  5. Certification Exam: Yes
  6. Program Certification: Yes

Certification Exam Requirements

To achieve the professional designation of a Pareto Analysis Specialist from the Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence, you must:

  1. Have completed AIGPE’s Pareto Analysis Specialist training to 100%
  2. Sit for AIGPE’s Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification Exam and achieve a minimum score of 60%

There is no other prerequisite to achieving your Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification.


Those who wish to apply for the certification exam must complete the relevant AIGPE Pareto Analysis Specialist training to 100%. In training, you are provided several activities, downloadable content, and practice questions. Completing these resources will help you determine if you are ready to sit for the official Certification Exam.

Certification Exam

The AIGPE™ Pareto Analysis Specialist Exam is an online exam. It consists of 15 multiple-choice questions. Each question carries 1 point. There is no negative marking for any incorrect answers. The minimum percentage required to pass the exam is 60%. That means you need to correctly answer at least 9 out of 15 questions to pass the exam. It is an open book exam. And there is no time limit for the exam. The certification exam link is available in one of the final lectures of the course material.

Although there is no time limit, it is mandatory to complete the exam in one-seating. That is, your exam responses will get stored in our exam servers only after hitting the Submit button after the last question. If you X out of the exam window in between the exam OR your internet connection gets troubled, you may be required to start over the complete exam from the beginning.

Mandatory Requirement: Uploading the Course Completion Certificate in the Certification Exam Form

Professionals who wish to apply for the AIGPE Certification Exam must complete the outlined AIGPE™ course(s) to 100%. After completing the training course(s), you will receive a Course Completion Certificate with a unique Certificate ID. This Course Completion Certificate is automatically issued by the platform where you take the relevant AIGPE™ course. If you are NOT issued the course completion certificate, please get in touch with the customer service team of the relevant platform, and they will have the certificate issued to you. 

You must keep this course completion certificate handy before you start the certification exam. You are required to upload this Course Completion Certificate in the online Certification Exam form. Before you upload this certificate in the exam form, please ensure that:

  • Your course certificate of completion has your correct name displayed
  • The certificate belongs to the correct course.
  • The Certificate ID is clearly visible.

The Certification Exam Form Verification Process will halt if you upload an incorrect course completion certificate.

Certification Exam Cost

When you take the AIGPE™ provided Video Training Course either using our online learning platform ( or through any of our authorized training platform partners such as Udemy:

  1. The First Two Attempts of the AIGPE™ Certification Exam are FREE
  2. If you are unable to pass in the first two attempts, each subsequent exam attempt will cost USD 100

Purchase AIGPE’s Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification Training Course on Udemy (link provided below). 

Please note that if you fail on the first attempt, you can take the second attempt only after one week. For example, if you first attempted the certification exam on August 22nd and failed it. You can apply for the second attempt only after seven days, i.e., after August 29th.

Professionals who apply for the AIGPE™ Certification Exams are expected and required to follow all the standards, policies, and procedures outlined by AIGPE™.


Upon successfully completing the Pareto Analysis Specialist Training Course(s) and passing the Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification Exam, you will receive the Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification issued by the Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence, a Global independent Certification Accreditation in the Lean Six Sigma Industry. 

As a Certified Pareto Analysis Specialist, you will be issued:  

  • A Certificate (PDF) which includes a Certification Number
  • Your name is added to the Official AIGPE™ Certification Records
  • You are granted the right to use the AIGPE™ Certification Credentials (in accordance with the AIGPE™ Certification Credentials Use Policy). AIGPE™ Certification Credentials can be used as a professional designation in your personal branding material such as resumes, business cards, email signatures, personal website, social media sites or public profiles such as LinkedIn, Job Portals, etc.

The Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification kit is emailed to you in 4 weeks after completing your Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification exam. Please note: AIGPE™ issues only electronic copies of certification. We do not issue a physical copy.

If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected]

(Optional) Digital Credentials:

Professionals who achieve their Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification can optionally purchase the Pareto Analysis Specialist Digital Credential. The digital credential includes the following benefits:

  1. Unique URL: Get access to a unique URL for your Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification
  2. Digital Badge: The unique URL includes both the certificate and the digital badge
  3. Digital Verification: Verify the credential digitally at the click of a button
  4. LinkedIn Enabled: Showcase your credential on your LinkedIn profile – under the Education section
  5. Share Your Credential Digitally: Share your credential with several other social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  6. Blockchain Security: Your Digital Credential is Cryptographically Sealed using Blockchain Security
  7. Unique QR Code: Your Certificate will have a unique QR Code that recruiters can scan and digitally verify. When submitting a physical copy of your certificate, print the High-Quality Certificate with the Unique QR Code. Your recruiters can scan the QR Code and verify your credential instantly.
  8. Personal Branding: Add your Credential to Job Portals, Email Signatures, embed it in your Personal Website, or easily Email it to recruiters
  9. Display all AIGPE Credentials: Visitors of your AIGPE credential page can view all the credentials you have earned from AIGPE™ on one page
  10. Lifetime Access: Access your credential digitally for a lifetime

Please click here to access the demo link of the digital credential. 

Purchase the Pareto Analysis Specialist Digital Credential for USD 6.99 through the link provided below (after you have successfully achieved the AIGPE™ Pareto Analysis Specialist Certification). This feature is NOT included in the course fee. 

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