AIGPE SSGB Certification Exam Passed


Congratulations and Kudos:

Wooohooo! Well done on completing the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam. A hearty congratulations to have passed this exam! It is indeed a great achievement!

Next Steps:

Your exam form will shortly be picked for validation. Post successful validation, you will receive your AIGPE Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Kit on email. The kit will include:

  1. AIGPE Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (PDF Copy)
  2. AIGPE Six Sigma Green Belt Digital Badge
  3. Exam result
  4. Your name will be added to the Official AIGPE Certification Register
  5. You will be granted the right to use AIGPE Certification Records and Titles. This is a professional designation which may be used in resumes as well as public profiles such as LinkedIn, etc., consistent with the AIGPE Records Use Policy

How to ensure you do NOT miss your Certification email coming from AIGPE?

In most scenarios, you will receive the emails sent by AIGPE directly in your inbox. However, a few students have shared that they do NOT receive emails from AIGPE. In these situations, it is identified that our emails land in their Junk, Spam, Social, or Promotions folders. To ensure that you receive all the emails sent by AIGPE, I humbly request you to enable appropriate settings to allow emails from AIGPE to come straight to your inbox. I am sharing the steps for the most common email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook). Open the attachment based on your email provider name and follow the steps:

Once you complete these steps, you ensure that your certification and/or any communication from AIGPE is delivered straight to your inbox and you do not miss on any updates.

Your AIGPE Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Memento:

Now that you have passed the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam, you truly deserve a souvenir. This souvenir signifies that you have completed the Six Sigma Green Belt journey successfully and are awaiting your final exam certification kit (provided successful completion of the exam validation). 

Note: It is important to note the memento indicates that you have completed the certification journey and your final certification is pending to be approved.

Congratulations and kudos again. I wish you all the best. Please do ensure that you follow detailed steps to enable future emails from AIGPE directly in your inbox. And also download the AIGPE Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Memento.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop an email to

Best Regards,

Looking to achieve the AIGPE Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

If yes, you can enroll into AIGPE’s Six Sigma Black Belt Program today. The Black Belt Program is divided into three courses. In order to achieve the Black Belt Certification, completing all the three Black Belt the entire program that has the three courses is a key requirement.