Our Mission

Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence (AIGPE)'s mission is to foster the needed process improvement and project management skills in a candidate, enhance his/her talent and capability to the level as required in the industry, and provide a global recognition that gives the candidate a professional status in the industry.

Welcome All Professionals

Whether you want to learn a few process improvement techniques, or want to get professional Lean Six Sigma Credential, you've come to the right place.

Ready to become a Lean Six Sigma Certified Professional?

You'll find free tutorials and premium certifications that teach you new skills. If you're an absolute beginner - perfect! We've got beginner-level certification programs aimed at getting you off the ground. Looking for more advanced skills? Great! We've got intermediate to advanced level certification programs that take you to the next level.

AIGPE delivers professionally developed Lean Six Sigma training and certification programs that enable individuals to learn new process improvement techniques, upgrade themselves and serve their organization optimally.


What is AIGPE?

AIGPE was founded in 2014 as a place to share Lean Six Sigma knowledge with the world.

It started out with a few key Lean Six Sigma program, and has grown into a full-scale Independent Lean Six Sigma Certification Credentialing organization offering a suite of programs in Six Sigma Certification, Lean Certification, Minitab Certification, Micro Specialization as well as Managerial Skills Training.

We partner with the best online platforms so we can provide the best and consistent Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification programs in every continent as well as every country in the world.


What can you learn here?

AIGPE Training and Certification programs fit into process improvement and project management theme of professional development. You can learn everything from Six Sigma and Lean to Minitab and specific Micro Specialization tools and techniques.

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P. Gopalakrishnan Iyer, Managing Director

P.G. Iyer serves as Managing Director of AIGPE carrying responsibility of formulating its vision, organizational planning, effective governance, keeping a check on internal controls and the needed legal requirements, monitoring and managing AIGPE's resources.

Mr. Iyer began his 40+ years of glorious career in electronics which later spanned across several professions including management of hospitals, security forces, non-profit NGO's, among others. He grew up several ranks from being a sales executive to being the executive advisor of India's top doctors and medical experts. An idea evangelist, he ventured in online and e-commerce world post 2010 and has been helping businesses and professionals to transform themselves into the dot com generation and serve the global audience in their respective niches.

Mr. Iyer is a double graduate. Apart from holding a Bachelor of Arts degree, he also holds a Bachelor Laws degree (LLB - Literally Legum Baccalaureus)  from the prestigious Mumbai University. Over and above his role of being the Managing Director at AIGPE, he continues his consultation on law practices for self-employed professionals and upcoming entrepreneurs. During his spare time, he enjoys spending quality moments with his family as well as listens to age old devotional songs which form a unique culture in India.

We appreciate you!

Thank you for being here. Without you, AIGPE couldn't have reached at a level where it is today. Hearing success stories from students who've obtained jobs, received promotions and increased their pay with AIGPE certification urges us to create more programs, spread more niche knowledge, and provide the support you need in your career. We're looking forward to your success and growth, and we're glad to have you here!

Thank you,
P.G. Iyer.
Managing Director, Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence (AIGPE)