AIGPE Digital Credential

Share your achievement globally! Earning an AIGPE Certification demonstrates your commitment, knowledge, and skills in an important quality and management field. AIGPE’s digital credentials allow you to quickly and easily share your achievement in a secure and verifiable format. 

The benefits include:

  1. Includes a Digital Certificate and Badge (please click here to review the LIVE example)
  2. Access Unique URL of your digital credential
  3. Access Unique QR Code for your Digital Certificate
  4. Verify Your Credential Digitally 
  5. Lifetime Access
  6. Share on your Social Media Accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and Job Portals
  7. Outlines the roadmap of how you achieved your certification
  8. Blockchain Technology to cryptographically seal your digital record so that your credential is fully secured
  9. Enhance your personal brand by adding this digital credential to your email signature. Your email recipients can click on the email signature and view your digital credential, etc
  10. Print high quality digital certificate with the unique QR code to submit a physical copy to your recuiters. They can scan the QR code and digitally verify your AIGPE Credential
  11. Email your digital credential directly to recruiters, hiring managers, supervisors, subordinates, or peers
  12. Visitors of your AIGPE credentials page can view all of your other earned AIGPE Credentials

You can earn a unique digital credential for each of AIGPE’s several globally recognized certifications!

How do I Request for my AIGPE Digital Credential?

A few important points to note:

  1. Once you complete your training course, you have two FREE attempts to pass the certification exam
  2. Once you pass the Certification Exam and achieve an AIGPE Certification, your Certification kit includes the following:
    • A Certificate (PDF) which includes a Certification Number
    • Your name is added to the Official AIGPE Certification Register and
    • You are granted the right to use the AIGPE Certification Credentials (in accordance with the AIGPE Certification Credentials Policy). 
  3. All of the above (two FREE Certification Exam attempts and the certification kit – after passing the exam) is made available to you at no additional cost
  4. Please note that the Digital Credential is NOT a part of this certification kit
  5. AIGPE Digital Credential is an OPTIONAL purchase for AIGPE certified professionals only

Newly Passed Certification Exams

  1. Once you receive your official certification from AIGPE, you can click on the shop page and buy the digital credential
  2. Once you complete the purchase, you will receive an email from our digital credential issuing partner Accredible with a link to claim your credential

Active Certification(s)

  1. If you have an active AIGPE Certification(s) that does not need to be recertified or does not have any recertification requirement, you can purchase the digital badge by clicking here
  2. After completing the purchase of your digital credentials, you will receive an email from our issuing partner Accredible with a link to claim your credential(s)

For support with your Accredible account, please see Accredible’s resources for recipients here.

Why do I need to purchase the Digital Credential?

AIGPE’s mission is to provide high quality training and certification programs at an economical price. The price that you pay for AIGPE training and certification programs is the lowest on the internet. AIGPE does not intend to increase the course price to accommodate the cost of each digital credential. Hence, this feature of digital credential is made available to you as an OPTIONAL purchase. It is NOT a mandatory part of your certification journey.

For more information on how to use your AIGPE Credential via Accredible, please see the below video:

Purchase the Digital Credential
Applicable for Certified AIGPE Professionals only

To know more, check out our FAQ’s section by clicking here