Managerial Skills and Job-Search Related Programs

As you gain more technical experience, you ought to enhance your managerial experience. Plus, when you look out for jobs, you need the right guidance to search for a job that fulfils your personal and professional requirements. All of this and more is offered by AIGPE programs listed below.

Managerial Skills and Personal Development

Active Listening: A Practical Guide to Be an Active Listener

Build strong Six Sigma foundations & Master the Seven Quality Tools

Interpersonal Skills for Elite Leaders and Project Managers

Master 40+ Lean Six Sigma Tools & Lead Six Sigma Yellow Belt Projects

Prioritize Your Goals Like a Genius: Achieve Goals Faster

Master 100+ Lean Six Sigma Tools & Lead Six Sigma Green Belt Projects

Job Search Related Programs

LinkedIn for Beginners: Build a Kickass LinkedIn Profile

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile | Maximize Job Search | Get noticed by Recruiters | Become a Job Magnet | Master LinkedIn

Applicant Tracking System: The Secret to Dominate Job Search

Master Job Search | Beat ATS | Optimize Resume | Maximize Keywords | Avoid Kick-out Questions | Avoid Rejection Emails