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AIGPE™ – accredited by CPD Certification Service


Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence (AIGPE™) is officially recognized as an Accredited Provider by the internationally renowned CPD Certification Service. Provider Number 14627.


About CPD Certification Service

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 as the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. The CPD Certification Service provides support, advice, and recognised independent CPD Accreditation compatible with global CPD principles.

Several of the training programs of the most trusted global brands and organizations are accredited by the CPD Certification Service. They include:

Explore more about the CPD Certification Service by clicking here.

Can I request for CPD/CEU Credits by taking AIGPE programs?

Yes. By taking AIGPE programs, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available upon request.

Am I eligible to earn CPD/CEU Credits?

If your industry requires that you earn CPD or CEU credit hours, you can elect to receive confirmation of the credit hours you have earned by completing the CPD Accredited Certification Programs offered by AIGPE.

You will receive a certificate of hours completed, as accredited by the CPD Certification Service, which you can include in your records and submit to your professional body, institute, regulator, or employer.

The only requirement to be fulfilled before requesting the CPD/CEU Credits is to complete the relevant CPD Accredited AIGPE Training Course(s) to 100%.

What are the four steps to request CPD/CEU Credits Certificate?

The process to request the CPD/CEU Credits Certificate is as follows:

  1. Step 1: Complete the relevant AIGPE CPD Accredited Training to 100%
  2. Step 2: Download the Training Certificate of Completion (Proof of Training Completion). This pdf certificate is issued to you by the platform where you are taking the AIGPE program (such as Udemy, Stackskills, etc.)
  3. Step 3: Fill out the online CPD/CEU Credit Request Form. The link for the form is:
  4. Step 4: Pay the processing fee associated with each CPD Credit Certificate request. You will be routed to this payment page at the end of the form. The link is:

Few important points to note:

  1. CPD/CEU Credits can be requested for  CPD accredited AIGPE courses completed on or after May 31, 2021. For example: your training certificate of completion (proof of training completion) must have a date on or after May 31, 2021. We cannot process any CPD Credit request for courses that are completed before May 31, 2021.
  2. Uploading the Proof of training completion (certificate of completion) in the online request form is a mandatory requirement
  3. There is a processing fee to request each CPD/CEU Credit Certificate

CPD/CEU Credit Certificate Sample

List of CPD Accredited Courses

Here is a list of all CPD Accredited Courses offered by AIGPE. The number next to each course represents the total CPD/CEU Credits/Points/Units that you can claim and its processing fee:

The processing fee for each CPD/CEU Credit Certificate is as below:

  • 0 to 2 CPD Credit Hours: $1.99 | INR 99 only
  • 2 to 4 CPD Credit Hours: $2.99 | INR 149 only
  • 4 to 10 CPD Credit Hours: $3.99 | INR 199 only
  • 10+ CPD Credit Hours: $4.99 | INR 249 only


  • You are only required to complete the training to 100% to initiate the CPD/CEU Credit accrual request. You are NOT required to pass the Certification Exam and achieve the AIGPE Certification.

CPD/CEU Credit Request Form 

Click on the button below to place a request of your CPD/CEU Credit Certificate. Please keep the Proof of Completion (Certificate of Training Completion) handy. You will be required to upload that in this form. At the end of the form, you will be routed to the payment gateway. Select the credits you would like to order, add them to the cart, checkout, and make the payment.

In case if you are not routed to the payment gateway, please click here to access the payment portal:

Please note: Your request will only be processed when the form is filled out with the correct information, is uploaded with all the required certificates of completion, and after making the payment. Incomplete forms will NOT be processed.

For any questions, please email us at [email protected]

What will you receive after placing the Order?

  • You will receive a CPD/CEU Credit PDF Certificate (Certificate Sample is provided earlier on this web page)
  • This Certificate will include the following details:
    1. Date of the CPD Activity
    2. Title of the CPD Activity (Course Title)
    3. CPD Provider Organization (AIGPE) Logo
    4. CPD Certification Service Logo
    5. Authorized Signatory
    6. Certificate Number
    7. CPD’s/CEU’s Earned
  • This PDF Certificate is sent via Email. We do NOT send physical certificates
  • Please allow 5 working days to process your order and receive the certificate via email

Can I request for the CPD/CEU Credit Certificate for each of the several programs I have taken with AIGPE?

Yes. You can request multiple CPD/CEU Credit Certificates for each of the CPD Accredited AIGPE programs. The important points to remember are:

  1. The specific AIGPE program needs to be CPD Accredited
  2. You must have completed the course training to 100% on or after May 31, 2021.

Below is a list of all CPD Accredited AIGPE programs. The links will take you to the specific AIGPE program hosted on Udemy.

  1. Six Sigma White Belt (3.5 Credits)
  2. Six Sigma Yellow Belt (8 Credits)
  3. Six Sigma Green Belt (17.5 Credits)
  4. Six Sigma Black Belt – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (8 Credits)
  5. Lean Specialist (3.5 Credits)
  6. Lean Expert (2.5 Credits)
  7. JIT Specialist (2 Credits)
  8. Kano Specialist (1 Credit)
  9. QFD Specialist (1 Credit)
  10. Minitab Beginner (2 Credits)
  11. Minitab Proficient (2 Credits)
  12. Minitab Expert (2.5 Credits)
  13. Process Mapping (2.5 Credits)
  14. FMEA Specialist (2 Credits)
  15. Five Forces (3.5 Credits)
  16. Project Charter (2.5 Credits)
  17. Pareto Analysis (1.5 Credits)
  18. Brainstorming (1 Credit)
  19. VSM Specialist (3.5 Credits)
  20. Seven Quality Tools (2 Credits)
  21. Project Schedule: Monitor & Control Specialist (3 Credits)
  22. SWOT Analysis Specialist (5 Credits)
  23. Business Case Specialist (4 Credits)
  24. ChatGPT & Six Sigma: Certified AI Visualization Beginner (3.5 Credits)
  25. ChatGPT & Six Sigma: Certified AI Visualization Proficient (4 Credits)

Please note: The CPD Credit Certificate processing fee needs to be paid separately. It is NOT included in the course fee.