Brainstorming Body of Knowledge

The AIGPE Brainstorming Body of Knowledge is universal, practically driven, and represents core competencies needed by a Certified Brainstorming Specialist professional.

AIGPE Body of Knowledge for Brainstorming Specialists

1.1 Brainstorming - An Introduction
1.2 What are the Different Stages of a Brainstorming Event?

2.1 Guidelines to Follow for the Prework Stage
2.2 Guidelines to Follow for the Execution Stage
2.3 Guidelines to Follow for the Post Session Work Stage

3.1 What is Nominal Group Technique and Group Passing Technique?
3.2 What is Constrained, Individual Brainstorming, and Question Brainstorming?

4.1 What are the Hurdles for Effective Brainstorming?

  • Duration: 37 minutes
  • Lectures: 18
  • Activities: Yes
  • Downloadable Resources: 19
  • Full Lifetime Access: Yes
  • Certification Exam: Yes
  • Program Certification: Yes
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