Business Case Specialist Body of Knowledge

The AIGPE™ Business Case Specialist Masterclass Body of Knowledge encompasses a comprehensive array of concepts, methodologies, and tools essential for the expertise in business case documentation. This body of knowledge is designed to be universally applicable and practically oriented, focusing on real-life business case scenarios, stakeholder engagement techniques, problem-solving strategies, and financial analysis using tools like NPV and IRR calculations in Excel. It aims to instill core competencies in crafting compelling business cases, beneficial across various industries, thereby enhancing career growth and business acumen for professionals ranging from beginners to intermediate-level project managers as needed by a Certified Business Case Specialist professional.

This AIGPE™ Business Case Specialist Certification Program is CPD Accredited.

AIGPE™ Body of Knowledge | Business Case Specialist: Create Captivating Business Cases

1.1 What is a Business Case?
1.2 What are the reasons for developing an internal business case?
1.3 Should you consider approval of your Business Case a Success Criteria?
1.4 What are the different components of a Business Case? 

2.1 What is involved in Understanding the Business?
2.2 What is a SIPOC?
2.3 What is a Hierarchy Flowchart?
2.4 Capture High-Level Data
2.5 Create Inference

3.1 What is Stakeholder Identification and Engagement?
3.2 Stakeholder Analysis using the Power-Interest Grid

4.1 How to define the Project Problem?

5.1 What is a Fishbone Diagram?
5.2 What is Multi-Voting?
5.3 Brainstorming Possible Solutions

6.1 What are Project Assumption?
6.2 What are Project Constraints?

7.1 What are Project Risks?
7.2 How to determine the Resource Requirements?
7.3 Determine High-Level Timeline

8.1 What are Project Benefits?
8.2 Building Project Financials

9.1 Present Value (PV)
9.2 Net Present Value (NPV)
9.3 Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
9.4 Payback Period
9.5 Cost-Benefit Analysis
9.6 Opportunity Cost

9.1 What are Key Metrics?
9.2 Writing the Executive Summary

9.1 Tips to Write Effective Business Case
9.2 Conclusion

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Only Applicable for Certified Business Case Specialist Professionals