Just-In-Time (JIT) Specialist Body of Knowledge

The AIGPE Just-In-Time (JIT) Specialist Body of Knowledge is a combination of a wide variety of Lean concepts, tools, and techniques. This Body of Knowledge is universal, practically driven, and represents core competencies needed by a Lean Certified professional.

This Certification Program is CPD Accredited.

AIGPE Body of Knowledge for Just-In-Time (JIT) Specialists

1.1 Just-In-Time - Toyota Case Study
1.2 What is Just-In-Time?
1.3 History of Just-In-Time
1.4 The Concept of Just-In-Time

2.1 How is "Teamwork" an essential element of Just-In-Time?
2.2 How is "Discipline" an essential element of Just-In-Time?
2.3 How is "Supplier Involvement" an essential element of Just-In-Time?

3.1 Total Quality Control
3.2 The concept of Immediate Customer?
3.3 Can Just-In-Time be implemented in Small Scale Organizations too?

4.1 Unform Workstation Loads
4.2 Small Lot Sizes
4.3 Closer Supplier Ties
4.4 Maintain High Quality
4.5 Quick and Economic Setups
4.6 Flexible Facilities and Multi-Skilled Workforce
4.7 Preventive Maintenance
4.8 Continuous Improvement

5.1 What are the Seven Steps to Implement Just-In-Time?

6.1 What are the Advantages of the Just-In-Time System?

6.2 What are the Disadvantages of the Just-In-Time System?

7.1 How does Just-in-Time System eliminate Waste?

8.1 How does Suppliers and Customers Work Together in the Just-In-TIme System?

9.1 What are the applications of Just-In-Time in the Service Industry?

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