Minitab Proficient Body of Knowledge

The AIGPE Minitab Proficient Body of Knowledge is a combination of a wide variety of Minitab concepts, tools, and techniques. This Body of Knowledge is universal, practically driven, and represents core competencies needed by a Lean Six Sigma professional and Minitab Proficient.

This Certification Program is CPD Accredited.

AIGPE’s Body of Knowledge for Minitab Proficient Certified Professionals

1.1 What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)?
1.2 History of Statistical Process Control
1.3 Why variation is an enemy to your business process?
1.4 What are Control Charts?
1.5 Control Limits vs. Specification Limits
1.6 Characteristics of an in-control process
1.7 Characteristics of an out-of-control process
1.8 Leading vs. Lagging Indicators

2.1 Control Chart Selection for Continuous Data
2.2 Control Chart Selection for Discrete Data

3.1 What is an I-MR Chart?
3.2 How to create an I-MR Chart on Minitab?

4.1 What is an X bar R Chart?
4.2 How to create an X bar R Chart on Minitab?

5.1 What is an X bar S Chart?
5.2 How to create an X bar S Chart on Minitab?

6.1 What is an np Chart?
6.2 How to create an np Chart on Minitab?

7.1 What is the p Chart?
7.2 How to create a p Chart on Minitab?

8.1 What is a c Chart?
8.2 How to create a c Chart on Minitab?

9.1 What is u Chart?
9.2 How to create u Chart on Minitab?

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