Process Mapping Body of Knowledge

The AIGPE Process Mapping Body of Knowledge is universal, practically driven, and represents core competencies needed by a Certified Process Mapping professional.

This Certification Program is CPD Accredited.

AIGPE Body of Knowledge for Process Mapping Specialists

1.1 What is the Process?
1.2 What is a Process Map?
1.3 Why Process Map?
1.4 Real-Life Example of a Process Map

2.1 Basic Process Mapping Symbols
2.2 How to draw Process Maps on Powerpoint?
2.3 What are the free Process Mapping Softwares?

3.1 What is
3.2 Tutorial on
3.3 Adding Symbols and Working with Guidelines
3.4 Resizing and Connecting Symbols
3.5 Adding Text and Using the Formatting Panel
3.6 Colors, Borders and Lines
3.7 Saving Your File and Exporting the Diagram

4.1 Six Easy Steps to Create a Process Map
4.2 Do's and Don'ts of Process Mapping
4.3 Additional Process Mapping Symbols

5.1 Process Mapping Example on

6.1 What is a Swimlane?
6.2 When is a Swimlane Used?
6.3 The Origin Story of a Swimlane Diagram

7.1 How to create a Swimlane Diagram on

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Only Applicable for Certified Process Mapping Specialist Professionals