Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Specialist Body of Knowledge

The AIGPE Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Body of Knowledge is a combination of a wide variety of Lean concepts, tools, and techniques. This Body of Knowledge is universal, practically driven, and represents core competencies needed by a Lean Certified professional.

This Certification Program is CPD Accredited.

AIGPE Body of Knowledge for Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Specialists

1.1 Introduction to Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
1.2 What is Value Stream Mapping (VSM)?
1.3 Why is Value Stream Mapping so popular?

2.1 What are the different terminologies used in Value Stream Mapping (VSM)? 
2.2 What are the different symbols used in the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Process?
2.3 What are the different Material Flow Symbols used in Value Stream Mapping (VSM)?
2.4 What are the Information Flow Symbols used in Value Stream Mapping (VSM)?
2.5 What are the General Symbols used in Value Stream Mapping (VSM)?

3.1 Step 1: Pick a Product Family
3.2 Step 2: Choose your VSM Team
3.3 Step 3: Figure out Customer Demand
3.4 Step 4: Map and Design the Process Flow
3.5 Step 5: Map the Material Flow
3.6 Step 6: Map the Information Flow
3.7 Step 7: Perform Calculations and Analyze the Current State VSM | How to calculate Lead Time?
3.8 How to calculate Storage Time?
3.9 How to calculate Takt Time?
3.10 How to calculate Process Time?
3.11 How to calculate the Cycle Time of Your Process?

4.1 Can your Process Meet Customer Demand with Existing No. of Operators?
4.2 Can you Meet Customer Demand if you increase the No. of Operators?
4.3 Analyze the Process Balance
4.4 Watch for Waste

5.1 How can you change your existing process to Continuous Flow?
5.2 What is CONWIP?
5.3 What is Kanban?
5.4 How to Readjust Your Process?
5.5 What is Altering the Batch Sizes?
5.6 How to Smoothen Out Production?
5.7 What is Heijunka Box?
5.8 How do you Cut back the Changeover Time?
5.9 How to Improve Quality?

6.1 What are the Key questions while building your Future State Value Stream Map?
6.2 Calculate the Takt Time
6.3 Are you building to a warehouse or directly to shipping?
6.4 Where should your continuous flow processing control the production of upstream processes?
6.5 Where will you implement a Pull System in your Future State VSM?
6.6 How do you intend to level the production mix?
6.7 What process improvements do you intend to achieve with the future state map?
6.8 What is the Implementation Plan?

7.1 How to get the most out of your Value Stream Map (VSM)?
7.2 What are the pitfalls to avoid for your Value Stream Map (VSM)?
7.3 What are the Advantages of Value Stream Mapping?
7.4 What are the Disadvantages of Value Stream Mapping?

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