Need Attention: Steps to follow to Whitelist AIGPE™ emails

A few students complain that they have not received their AIGPE™ certification email or any other email communication from us. They later find our emails in the Junk or Spam folders, or in the Promotions or Social tabs.

To ensure that you do not face this issue, please follow the steps below to whitelist AIGPE™ emails.

What is Whitelisting of Emails?

To whitelist an email address just means you add them to your approved senders list. This tells your email client that you know this sender and trust them, which will keep emails from AIGPE™ at the top of your inbox and out of the Junk folder.

Need You to take Action:

To ensure that the upcoming emails sent by AIGPE™ are not filtered by your email client, kindly whitelist the following email addresses:

How to whitelist emails?

The steps to whitelist emails are simple and are based on the email service provider that you use (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc). We have provided video tutorials below for each email provider. Kindly follow the steps discussed in these videos and ensure that the above emails are whitelisted as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please drop an email to [email protected].

Warm Regards,
Rahul G. Iyer.
Founder & CEO.
Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence (AIGPE™)
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